Mollie Williams, NTP http://www.ParsleyandPumpkins.com

Most women don't realize that their periods are a mirror of their overall health. I help my clients overcome their bad eating habits and find the root of why their periods are messed up so they can finally have easy, pain free periods and get pregnant naturally.

 In this free 1 hour class you'll learn:


> The truth that PCOS is not one disease with one cause


> The six possible causes of PCOS


> Why tracking your periods is not enough if you want to get pregnant naturally


> How to recognize your fertile signs


> How to eat for pregnancy


> How to easily overcome obstacles that get in your way


I struggled with hormone imbalances and painful periods most of my life. After healing my own body and going back to school to become a nutritional therapist, I began researching PCOS. Your menstrual cycle is your 5th vital sign - it's the canary in the coal mine that tell us something is out of balance.


When you support your body with nutrient dense foods and learn to manage stress (yes, it's possible and I'll teach you how in the class) your hormones will quickly come into balance. I believe 100% that you can overcome your PCOS, heal your body, heal your hormones, and get pregnant naturally.